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The Sagnotti family had established their roots in Italy in 1920 by our Grandfather Romulo Sagnotti. Through three generations we have been known for our fine custom architectural woodwork, genius in design and our meticulous details in every aspect of each project we develop.

In 1956 we opened Sagnotti Industries, which later became Corporación Euro Venezolana, C.A, in Turumo, state of Miranda, Venezuela.

In 1965 we continued to grow, and opened our second location in Valencia, state of Carabobo, Venezuela. Continuing our expansion, in 1976 we opened another location in Ureña, state of Táchira, Venezuela; where we began the manufacturing of antique reproductions and had a complete line of contemporary style furniture for the retail store giant, SEARS®

In 1985 we inaugurated our location in the island of Margarita, Venezuela.

In 1994 Romulo, the grandson and Luciano, his father, set out to bring to Florida the quality and pride that has been a tradition in their family and started Yogui international Inc.

Yogui International success is due in part to our flexibility between commercial projects such as hospitals, hotels, and schools as well as residential projects such as a whole house remodel or small renovations.

We proudly work in unison with large construction companies such as Suffolk, C&G, and Ameribuild construction, as well as Interior Designers and Architects such as Marc-Michaels Interior Design, R&G Architects, Garcia and Stromberg Architects, and enthusiastically welcome the individual home owner looking for our experience and guidance.

Yogui International, Inc. has ever since grown to become a successful architectural woodworking company in South Florida, located in Delray Beach, Yogui counts on a team of highly skilled professionals ready to help you each step of the process. Everything from the basic sketch, the detailed drawing to building plans and final construction; we help you make those ideas come to life.

We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement in our products and services. All Yogui International merchandise is checked meticulously by our professional Quality Control Team. We also offer replacement parts and repair services.

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